You know it. I know it. We’re busy people. Work rarely “ends” when the clock strikes 5 on a Friday afternoon, and even during the week, we’re often on-the-go. Which is why this weekend’s social roundup, while small, is super exciting. 

Three of the platforms you know and love (well, at least… probably use on a regular basis) have rolled out awesomely helpful smartphone apps that put the power of that platform in the palm of your hand. So go on. Check on Google Analytics in line at the grocery store. Tweak Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns on a nice bench in the park. Just remember to stop and smell the roses once in a while 

Facebook Rolls Out Ads Manager For Mobile Devices

At Last, Google Analytics App Comes To The iPhone

Google Launches Free AdWords Express App For iOS And Android Devices In The US


As of Thursday the 2014 World Cup was underway, but as marketers all of walks know, this isn’t just an event for sports fans. With a projected television audience of over 3.5 billion and the tournament lasting just over a whole month, the opportunities presented by the Cup have marketers practically drooling at their screens.

From search to social to television and beyond, the World Cup is everywhere and companies all of kinds are working to find a way to score a goal of their own. Check out some of the astonishing numbers and predictions from the first few days of action and feel free to sound off below on whether or not you’ll be tuning in! 

#WorldCup Infographic Roundup: Biggest Social Sports Event Ever Could Beat Olympics And Super Bowl Combined 

ESPN Scores Big Traffic Win With World Cup Clips Integrated Into Google Search 

McDonald’s Buys Twitter’s First Globally Promoted Trend, But Did #FryFutbol Backfire? 

Facebook And Twitter Want You To Talk About The #WorldCup On Their Field 

How Trademark Worries Block “World Cup” Ads On Google 

Bing Uses Its Predictions Technology To Forecast 2014 World Cup Winners 


Always one to keep up on the search-and-social-mega-acquisition gossip, here at Marketing Land we like to keep you in the loop as to what may be coming up.

With some big bucks acquisitions by some of the most well known names in search and social having happened in just the past few months alone, it’s safe to see that we can expect many more to come. Check out what (may be) to come as well as some of the biggest acquisitions in the past! 

Nest And Google’s Top 10 Biggest Acquisitions

What’s The Most Expensive (Per User) Acquisition? Hint: Not WhatsApp 

Google Eyes Future For Enhanced Campaigns: Ads On Thermostats, Wearables, Refrigerators And More

What Will Yahoo Buy With Its Alibaba Billions?