Bump’s new method to share photos from a mobile app to a computer is really clever.  

Using simple technology (the phone’s accelerometer matched against the time the spacebar was pressed), they’re able to pull off a magical effect as the photo instantly appears on computer’s screen.  

They’ve made photo sharing not only an intuitive process, but also into a really cool parlor trick.

Try it out.

Flickr appears to be the first of what you’d call a “major” website to employ a meta tag that keeps copyright-protected images from being pinned on Pinterest.

As VentureBeat first reported, Flickr is using the “nopin” meta tag that Pinterest just introduced earlier this week. When Pinterest sees the tag on a web page, none of the photos can be pinned directly from the page.

Interesting (pinteresting?) to note that despite the tag, if you’re logged in to Flickr, you can still pin your own photos — no matter what your privacy settings are.