Hey Microsoft. That Windows Phone 8 event you have planned for Oct. 29 in San Francisco? Google wants in on that day, having just announced a rival event in New York City, perhaps to announce its next Nexus phone.


Study Shows Price The Top Consideration For Kindle Fire, Android Tablet Owners

When buying a tablet, what’s most important to you? Price? Apps available? Operating system? 


To the extent that patents exist, patent owners should have the ability to protect their “inventions” against naked infringement. But the public also has an interest in innovation and a competitive marketplace. How much imitation or duplication should the market and the legal system allow for competitive reasons?


Have you heard?

Google unveiled a $199 7-inch tablet at Google I/O today, as expected. The “Nexus 7″ tablet is made by ASUS and comes in a WiFi only version (so far). Presumably there will be other versions later that offer more memory and/or carrier support.