As the 2013 reviews come to an end, it’s time to start looking forward as 2014 shapes up to be a year of huge progress. Check out a round up of what our contributors say 2014 will hold for social media, mobile, and more! 

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"The Death of the QR Code" sits at the top of our 10 most popular mobile marketing articles for 2013. 

Study: Frequent “Smartphone Shoppers” Buy More Than Others

Considerable research has already established that smartphone owners use their devices heavily during offline shopping and “pre-shopping” activities. Now Google is out with new sponsored research that reinforces the message and adds a few new insights. The study’s insights come through both surveys and observation. Read more about the study here.


Keywords are not only relevant to websites, they are important for app success, too.


Survey: 49% Of SMBs To Incorporate Mobile Into Marketing Efforts Next Year

A new survey sponsored by mobile lead-gen provider Pontiflex found that 49 percent of small businesses (SMBs) are “somewhat likely or very likely” to incorporate mobile into their marketing efforts in the next year. The online survey had 1,300 respondents, mostly from the US.


App stores are here to stay. So how do you compete?


Meeker: Mobile Advertising A $20 Billion Opportunity In US

Mobile advertising will come in somewhere around $2.5 to $3.0 billion in the US this year. However Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker, who is a former Morgan Stanley analyst, says the opportunity is roughly $20 billion. Among the 110 slides in her presentation to the D10 conference yesterday is one that illustrates her thinking on this point.

This is one of those familiar time spent vs. share of ad spend slides that everyone has seen. Meeker shows online advertising almost catching up with consumer time spent — which Business Insider identified as a bad omen for online ad spending growth.

However there’s a major gap between time spent with mobile and monetization.

There are different stats and metrics floating around regarding how much time is spent with mobile. For example, ad network InMobi has argued that mobile web users are spending more time with mobile now than conventional TV (based on international Q4 2011 survey data). And Flurry Analytics has famously said that people in the US  spend more time in mobile apps than they do on the PC internet.

The logic behind these “time spent vs. ad spend” statements is the assumption that money will move with consumer eyeballs. That’s generally a correct assumption at the highest level. Advertisers want to be where audiences are. But friction, fragmentation and other challenges can complicate that migration.

Read more about mobile advertising reaching that $20 billion potential.



Platform enables diners to view the menu and order on their smartphone

QR codes have proved themselves to be a useful tool across a wide range of industries, and the catering sector is no different. In February, we covered the LA-based Paperlinks service, which enables take out restaurants to direct customers to mobile ordering via a code on their menus. Now offering a system for sit-down restaurants and other hospitality services, Your Smart Butler allows diners to view the menu and place their order solely using their smartphones through QR code technology. READ MORE…

So much for not using your phone at the table.

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