It can be a little awkward when stores and shopping malls deck the halls for the winter holidays and push Black Friday deals when most of us still have cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns out on the front steps. But maybe they’re onto something…

It’s never too early to craft your site’s Cyber Monday and holiday retail strategy for paid search, social, even email campaigns. Check out these recent articles for choice tips, tactics, insights, and inspirations to guide you to a very merry e-Commerce season indeed.  

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Attention paid search marketers: Just 18% of those surveyed said that they used search ads for website discovery.

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Google Expands “Confirmed Click” Functionality To In-App Smartphone Display Ads

How many times have you accidentally clicked on a mobile display ad, when you meant to hit the adjacent content on that tiny phone screen? More importantly, how many of your pay-per-click ads have been clicked on accidentally? This is the problem Google is trying to solve with new “confirmed click” functionality for its in-app mobile display ads on smartphones.


Users who are logged in via their Facebook accounts are now seeing Sponsored Stories ads on Zynga. Does Facebook really need more ad inventory?