Where Will Surface And Windows Phone 8 Be A Year From Now?
by Greg Sterling 

There were two big announcements this week coming out of Microsoft: the Surface tablet PC and the new mobile OS, Windows 8, which will be closely aligned with the desktop version of 8. At the same time the company announced that it had reached 100,000 mobile apps for the Windows Phone.

What now comes into clearer focus is Microsoft’s larger integrated PC-mobile push. This is Microsoft’s “one-two punch” and effort — last ditch according to some — to slow the iPad and deterioration of the PC market and re-insert itself into the consumer conversation.

Is This “Desperation” or a Bold New Vision?

Let’s examine what was announced and consider the potential impact of these products on the market. Pundits, observers and prognosticators appear generally divided into two camps. One holds that “Microsoft is desperate” and these efforts are likely to falter. The other argues that these are bold, exciting moves and will revive the Microsoft franchise.

I’m somewhere in the middle of these opposing views. Yet I’m also skeptical that these new products will radically transform Microsoft’s place in the market, as some are predicting. Most likely Microsoft’s Surface will negatively impact other PC sales and the Windows Phone 8 will have a modestly positive impact on handset sales.

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